🌿 Grandmaster AI Joins EPFL BLAZE Accelerator

I am thrilled to announce that Grandmaster AI has been accepted into the EPFL BLAZE Accelerator program! This milestone marks a significant step in our journey towards serving machine learning models to the next generation of developers and doers.

My Journey So Far

Five months ago, I left my job to pursue my passion for AI and entrepreneurship. I embarked on an adventure to create an AI startup, initially envisioning a "Wikipedia for ML" concept.

During my two-month trip to San Francisco, I immersed myself in the startup scene, met many talented entrepreneurs and friends, and gathered invaluable feedback on my idea. This experience helped me refine my vision for Grandmaster AI and strengthened my resolve to make it a reality.

Based on the insights gained in San Francisco, I pivoted Grandmaster AI towards a developer-first SaaS platform with a clear go-to-market strategy. The goal is to create a platform that enables software engineers to apply machine learning models with ease and simplicity.

BLAZE Accelerator

Joining the BLAZE Accelerator is a tremendous opportunity for Grandmaster AI. As an EPFL Startup, we gain access to personalized support, expert coaching, a wider network within the startup community, and up to CHF 10,000 in non-dilutive funding. This recognition and support will help us accelerate our growth and provide a significant boost to our market credibility.

What’s next

Building an A Team

My immediate priority is to assemble a passionate team of individuals who share Grandmaster AI’s vision and are committed to making this startup a success. If you're interested in joining us on this thrilling adventure, contact me!

Releasing the first version of the product

I have decided to initially release only the open-source part to start seeing if the developer community likes the idea of a task-centric approach. This will also be a great opportunity to find like-minded developers passionate about open-source.

Raising a pre-seed round

As soon as the founding team is formed, we will raise a pre-seed round of funding. The plan is to stay as lean as possible and to use the funding to provide the founders with a minimal salary. The seed will be used to build the first version of the product to bring our vision of serving machine learning models to the next generation of developers to life.

Advice to My Younger Self:

Team up early

Being a solo-founder is tough. Build a passionate team sooner to share responsibilities and increase your chances of success.

Focus on core product

Don't waste time building non-core tools. Invest in existing solutions and dedicate your energy to perfecting your product.

Prioritize product and customers

Keep your focus on the product and its value to consumers. A great product will naturally attract investors and partners.

Release early

Release as soon as possible. Even if half of the things are not as nice as you would like or do not work as expected.


I am very excited to start this new chapter for Grandmaster AI and I am very grateful for the support and opportunities provided by the BLAZE Accelerator and the EPFL Startup community.

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