Jonathan Besomi
Data Scientist
Solving challenges with AI.
Hey! I'm a data scientist from Switzerland. Data scraping, Data labeling, Data preprocessing, Data analysis, model training, and validation. I talk data.

I own a Master's degree in data science from EPFL (Lausanne). Recently, I did an internship at IBM Research (Zürich) where I worked on deep learning and information extraction. I'm a teaching assistant at Data Science for Managers (DSFM) and collaborator at the Swiss AI Lab (IDSIA)

I can't resist the urge to solve complex problems, stay up-to-date on the latest AI technologies, and try new things. I don't take "that's impossible" for an answer. My expertise lies in the intersection between deep learning, natural language processing, and software engineering.

Get in touch

Whether you want to discuss job opportunities, talk about the next Kaggle challenge, or just say Hi, I will be glad to hear from you.


I'm an open-source advocate and like to get things done.


Texthero is a python toolkit for text preprocessing and text representation. Texthero features more than 2000 stars on Github.


Fastlaw is a word embedding model trained on a large corpus of law documents. June 2019: presented at the Caselaw Access Project, Harvard.

Who owns Lausanne?

Who owns Lausanne is a real-estate data science analysis conducted together with two brilliant friends, Pietro Carta and Yann Bolliger.


A non-exhaustive list of tools and technologies that I'm good at. Can you spot the pokemon?

Data science

pyTorch, distributed training, GPUs and TPUs, Transformers, spaCy, machine learning, Scikit-learn, distributed computing (Apache Spark and Hadoop), OpenCV.

Software engineering

Python, Linux, Google Cloud Platform, AWK, Shellos, Git, unit testing, CI, OOP, functional programming, database management, sql, no-sql.

Web development

Django, React, Tailwind CSS, WordPress, search engine optimization.

Curriculum Vitae