Jonathan Besomi

Founder & Software Engineer

I recently left my job, went to San Francisco for two months to get inspired by the tech scene, and just launched a startup called Grandmaster AI 🦄. I am currently building the beta version and forming the founding team.

I never take the word “impossible” as an answer.

Contact me: /contact

Frequently asked question

Grandmaster AI

What Grandmaster AI is all about?
I am iterating over and over about the idea and the product. A platform that let anyone search, learn and apply machine learning. A mix between HuggingFace and PapersWithCode but focused on practical problems. In the future I envision Grandmaster AI to be the frontpage of AI.

Are you looking for a co-founder?
I am building the founding team now. Interested? Send me an email.

I am an investor and I am interested in investing in Grandmaster AI
The plan is to raise an angel round mid 2023. Contact me for further information.

Why Grandmaster AI?
Because I need it. And I feel like there are many computer science students, tech entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, and human beings that would benefit from a public place to exchange scientific knowledge.

Work & Career

What are your distinguished personal traits?
I am determined, full of energy and empathetic.

What is your work dream?
Having a close-knit startup team working on an important topic. All people on the team would be aligned, open-minded, and there to help each other. Decisions would be taken by the whole team sharing the same vision. The team would regularly meet for drinks and activities after work.

Private Life

You left your job without knowing exactly what’s next. Should I do the same?
It depends. You need to do what you feel like. I always felt I wanted to be an entrepreneur and work on my projects. In my case, therefore, yes is the right answer.

If you want to leave your job to travel, then do it. If you want to leave your toxic relationship, do it.

If you want to start dancing flamenco and all your family and friends think is the stupid idea ever, do it. Give it a try.

You can contact me for some feedback and support. Happy to help you become the best version of yourself.

What is the secret of a happy life in your view?
Positive intertemporal gradient. Make every day a success.
Love yourself. Take at least one hour for yourself daily. Do what you love. Check /life.

What’s your goal in life?
Getting married and unconditionally loving my future wife, my future children, my siblings, and their family.

What is the trait you like most about yourself?
I have innate positive energy that is constantly telling me that “no matter what, everything will be okay”.

Do you practice any hobbies?
Recently I got quite fascinated by calisthenics. Try it out, is great!
I am a (trail) runner, climber, and wanna-be triathlete.

Tell me something personal.
When I am not thinking about the next startup idea, I am either preparing some pasta, drinking Aperol Spritz🍹with some friends or dancing in the club till the next morning.

What is your advice for someone that wants to become an entrepreneur?
Just start.

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